Why RavenQuest?

Why RavenQuest feels important to our team.

Being able to work with the development of something that brings joy to 10's of thousands of people is priceless. This is the way that Tavernlight Games is developing RavenQuest, looking at day-to-day business.

We know that games have a great influence on people's lives. They can be the reason many learn languages, learn about economy structures, social interaction, but most importantly community. But what if games could offer more than that? What if games could offer all the things above, and also a feature to allow those passionate to pursue it full-time?

Blockchain Technology has begun to interact with gaming, and has already transformed lives around the world, primarily through the interaction of Crypto & NFTs. We want to continue but also evolve this trend in gaming, through ethical and transparent development & business practices. We feel the future of Play & Earn gaming is gigantic, and we're just getting started.

After 5 years of development, Ravendawn Online was announced to the world. With virtually $0 spent in marketing, the projects following surpassed 100k players, additionally 20k on Discord alone, completely organic, completely through word of mouth.

After consistent community & outside requests for NFT & Blockchain Integration, we took a hard look at what made Ravendawn special. We saw that Ravendawn was made for this sort of integration, and that we could go beyond bringing joy to people's lives with our creation. That's why we have decided to bring RavenQuest to life, taking the Ravendawn universe to the next level.

With a strong and agile team behind Ravendawn, we have, first and foremost, an amazing game with solid and self-sustainable mechanics and economies based on a sophisticated and self-balancing algorithm — which is a perfect fit for a blockchain-based game. RavenQuest promotes fun and crypto rewards all in one, and is set to be the first Blockchain MMORPG that people really can and want to play for years.

Five years ago, we knew that the Ravendawn universe would grow to gigantic proportions. Today, we know RavenQuest will be a leading part of the Play & Earn revolution.

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