Patron is an optional monthly membership that provides additional perks for players in RavenQuest at an average rate of $9.99/mo in $SUNBREAK. Patron will be a valuable source of stability for RavenQuest to properly estimate token recycle rate and adjust Ecosystem rewards accordingly to ensure a strong and stable Ecosystem for the long-term.

Patron Benefits

  • Unique Patron Chat Color & Premium Badge.

  • Additional Bonus Rewards from completing new North Star Quests.

  • Regenerate Effort at a 3x faster pace.

  • Allows use of Rested Experience

  • Priority Login Queue.

  • Waypoints no longer require a silver fee to use.

  • Access to Marketplace.

  • 50% Reduced Cooldown on Rangers Company Tasks.

  • Faster Gathering when successfully timing the Gathering Mini-Game

  • Ability to wear in-game acquired T3 or higher Cosmetics.

  • Increased chance of $SUNBREAK Bounties

  • Ability to off-ramp $SUNBREAK

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