NFTs & Breeding System
When the first adventurers arrived on Ravendawn, they were surprised to find large herds of flightless birds roaming the continent. Impressed by the Moas’ unique combination of speed, strength, and temperament, they took an immediate liking to the strange beasts. The brave Moas became essential companions to the human settlers, resulting in a relationship of mutual respect and admiration that has lasted for centuries.
Moas are the unique mountable creatures in the world of RavenQuest. Riding a Moa is the fastest way to move from one point to another on land, and they are also known for their amazing capacitiy of pulling Wagons — where players can store Tradepacks.
All Moas are also NFTs, and there are several combinations of colors, Tiers and stats they can have — each one being unique.

Stats & Tiers

The Moa's stats and skins are based on Tiers. Higher tier Moas have rarer skins and also different possible Strength, Speed, Breed and Stamina stats.
  • Strength — Impacts how fast you are when pulling a Wagon. Stronger Moas are able to move Tradepacks around the world at a higher speed.
  • Speed — Impacts how fast you are when normally riding your Moa, without pulling a Wagon.
  • Breed — Determines how many times a Moa can breed.
  • Stamina — Determines the distance a Moa can travel pulling a Wagon in one 24 hour period.
Each one of this stats have a minimum and maximum possible number according to their Tiers, which are divided into Basic, Grand, Rare, Arcane and Heroic.
The stats have a relevant influence on gameplay, and probably the first thing to look at when buying or breeding a new Moa.

How can I get a Moa?

In RavenQuest, there are three ways you can get a Moa:
Moa Eggs
Hatching a Moa egg is a unique experience! If you feel you are ready to ride a Moa, you can buy an egg on the market using $SBT. Once bought, you can hatch it to know not just the appearance of your Moa but its Tier and stats!
Since their eggs are sold on the market, there is no way of knowing the lineage, Tiers and stats of these Moas before hatching it, but this method can be surprising for the lucky ones!
For those who want to devote the gameplay and invest time breeding Moas, this is also possible! RavenQuest offers a complete breeding system, which takes into consideration the Stats from the parents, creating a lineage and allowing the players to bring stronger Moas to life.
The practice of Breeding is handled and managed through the stables built upon your property. The more property you own, the more breeding you can expect to do.
The Breeding requires two different Moas and also a certain amount of $SBT to be done (which depends on the Tier), but the parents are not consumed during this process. Once the new Moa is generated, the player can either choose to keep it or sell it on the Marketplace.
If you don't want to try your luck and already know what you need, you can also buy a Moa using $SBT directly on the Marketplace. The Marketplace offers the possibility to filter the results and allows the players not only to see the appearance of the Moas, but also to compare the stats and prices between them.