The Team

A quickly growing and driven studio with a 9-year foundation, we are wildly passionate about the games we make. While we have grown significantly over recent years, we have not lost our close and inclusive company culture.

Nicolas Schrik

CEO & Game Director

Founding the studio in 2015, Nicolas has scaled it from inception into a thriving hub of creativity and innovation. Under his stewardship, the studio boasts a profitable model, powered by 50 full-time, passionate staff.

Alvaro Castro

Blockchain Technology Lead

Alvaro, with a Masters in Cybersecurity and extensive experience in protecting databases and infrastructure for over a million users, excels in blockchain and smart contracts, ensuring our technology's robustness and innovation.

Filip Bałagulski

Game Technology Lead

Filip's creation of a widely used MMORPG memory bot showcases his expertise in developing secure, scalable technologies, essential for maintaining our gaming environments' integrity and security.

Matt Welsh


Matt brings nearly a decade of digital marketing expertise to RavenQuest, having founded a successful agency that managed over $1 million in ad spend. His passion for gaming and marketing drives his exceptional commitment to RavenQuest.

Anderson Avila

Lead Game Engineer

With a PhD in Computer Science, Anderson's profound understanding of game engineering and optimization significantly enhances our games' performance and player experience.

Erick Etchebeu

Art Director

With nearly two decades dedicated to pixel art, Erick has established himself as a distinguished artist and director, bringing unparalleled creativity and vision to our top-down games.

Vitor Peron

Community Director

Vitor has skillfully cultivated a Discord community to 75,000 active, verified users, eliminating bots and alts to foster a genuinely engaged environment. His strategic community building underscores the studio's commitment to authentic user engagement.

Drew Schulz

Business Development

Drew leverages his entrepreneurial background and Web3 expertise, drawn from founding and scaling a successful tourism business, to forge strategic partnerships that propel the studio into new realms of digital and blockchain innovation.

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