Our Mission & Vision

A Proven Game First. Blockchain Integration Second.

While the Blockchain integration and features are crucial to RavenQuest's design, we first focused on developing an amazing game, then integrated blockchain features, not the other way around. RavenQuest being built off the tried and tested economy of Ravendawn allows for a significantly higher level of confidence when integrating a Web3 ecosystem.

RavenQuest's mission is to develop a truly fun, long-term & sustainable blockchain-based MMORPG capable of connecting all types of gaming enthusiasts — whether casual players, hardcore players or investors. An opportunity for players to not only enjoy an open world MMORPG experience, but also earn and gain ownership of their assets while doing so.

To achieve this vision, the team is committed to developing RavenQuest on the following principles:

  • Player-Centered Design — Implementations and changes based on data collected from players' and investors alike.

  • Strong Community — Building a trusting relationship with the playerbase and content creators by providing appropriate support and any other tools that are needed to enable the correct propagation of information and to maintain the health of the community.

  • A Sustainable Battle Tested Economy — Implementations and changes observe the player-driven economy system, in order to maintain the longevity of the game.

  • Ethical Practices — The blockchain gaming space is the wild-west. Overpromises, false promises, lack of transparency and deception are seen everywhere. We see this as an opportunity to show what a transparent team & project can produce. We see a strong future in Ethical Web3 Gaming where players can reap the benefits of real asset ownership. We want to prove that this can be a reality.

  • Endless Customization — Promote freedom of customization wherever possible for the player, avoiding situations of unnecessary frustration or choice funnels.

  • Innovation — Working hard to keep RavenQuest as attractive and unique as possible in terms of new features, mechanics and content, in order to promote an immersive and fun world to the playerbase and also attract new players.

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