Community Land (Instanced Land) is an integral part of RavenQuest, providing all players with the opportunity to enjoy the usage and core gameplay mechanics of Land, while not having their own Estate just yet.

Effort is one of our many anti-bot measures in RavenQuest. While Effort is not required for Open World Estates (NFT), it will be required for Community Land (Instanced Land) users.

Effort is required when undertaking any activity on Community Land.

Your Effort Points are automatically recharged when doing virtually any Open World activity such as killing creatures, gathering, participating in quests, or by obtaining an Effort Potion - Protected with AnyBrain.GG

There is also a limit to how much Effort a single character can have at any given time. Starting with a small Effort pool, this max capacity increases as you progress further through RavenQuest.

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