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The economy of RavenQuest is driven entirely by the players. With a massive Tradepack and Shipping system built with self-balancing AI elements, players are free to bring a variety of valuable goods all across the world. Whether you choose to bring your goods by ground or by sea, you play an active role in a constantly moving and changing economy.
The Tradepack System is the primary economy system of RavenQuest. It is how majority of the Gold is generated in the world. Tradepacks are simply a package of products put together by a player, and by transporting them to a Tradepost, the player will obtain Silver and Gold and at times other rare resources in exchange for the package.
A Tradepack can be created with dozens of different combinations of materials that can be obtained & gathered by exploring the world — or through Estates. Almost any gathered material in the game, like eggs, milk, wheat, ore or lumber can be used to create different Tradepacks.
The Gold obtained by transporting and selling Tradepacks can be converted into $SBT or spent in-game with character improvements, creating an exceptionally strong player-driven economy in-game and out of game.

How much is a Tradepack worth?

Around the map, there are places called Tradeposts. These Tradeposts are where packs can be created — once you have the materials, and also turned in for Silver and Gold. These Tradeposts simulate a real world market, with supply and demand, creating a self-balancing economy system for virtually all the resources in the world of Ravendawn Eternal.
When a certain type of Tradepack is traded more between certain Tradeposts, the demand for this resource goes down, and so the amount of Gold earned for trading these packs. As well, when a Tradepost is traded with more players, their demand for products goes down, and they will pay less Gold as well.
However, when one product or Tradepost has lower demand, the value and demand of all other products and Tradeposts goes up! If the player delivers a Tradepack with products in high demand to a Tradepost with high demand, it means that he will get a higher amount of Gold.
Players will be able to check the demand/supply of all resources in every Tradepost in the game at any time, allowing them to decide if they wish to take the safe travel through the fields carrying the iron ore from your latest mining trip, or taking the dangerous voyage across the ocean for a higher demand trip to enjoy extra profit.

How are Tradepacks transported?

Tradepacks can be heavy to carry, and therefore they influence the speed of the players around the map, slowing it down. To speed up the process of transporting Tradepacks and to ensure a safer trip, the players can choose to carry them in Wagons (pulled by mounts) or in Ships.
Mounts, Ships & Wagons are also NFTs and you can find more information about it on their own sections!