A Simple & Accessible Earning Model

We use a simple model of allowing peer to peer (non inflationary) conversion of Silver Coins to our On-Chain Token, $SUNBREAK, and vice versa. Following a long-time proven model by MMORPG industry titans and veterans such as Blizzard (WoW Tokens), Jagex (Runescape Membership) and Sandbox Interactive (Albion Gold). Additionally, the variable conversion tax acts as a powerful deflationary measure to ensure an exceptionally strong Ecosystem for the long-term.

Virtually every In-Game activity rewards players with some amount of Silver Coins to the player. There is no monotony in how players can earn Silver — players can choose the activity that most entertains them and can alternate between any style of gameplay to earn Silver.

A list of some of the Core Systems in RavenQuest that reward you with Silver:

There is no fixed conversion between Silver and $SUNBREAK. Rather, the game provides a real-time exchange that players can easily access anytime.

This simple model ensures that Silver and $SUNBREAK always hold a tethered value allowing for a simple earning and burning model alike.

The Bounty Board will have a wide array of Daily Bounties that players can embark on or fulfill from participating in certain activities and turning in specific items.

Bounties will provide various in-game rewards for players, but will also include a chance to have Bounties rewarding $SUNBREAK.

The amount of Bounties providing $SUNBREAK will be consistently adjusted, allowing us to accurately manage the flow of $SUNBREAK into the ecosystem to ensure that the value and ecosystem of $SUNBREAK always remains strong.

While many Bounties will require completing certain pieces of content, some will require "recycling" specific materials to complete the Bounty. This allows us to control the in-game resource economy by reducing the supply of certain resources through Bounty Boards ensuring a strong in-game and $SUNBREAK ecosystem.

We are able to adjust the frequency of $SUNBREAK Bounty Tasks seen based on several factors including our Renown System - allowing us to reward our most loyal community members first and foremost.

Guild Wars & Leaderboards

Additionally, players will be able to earn $SUNBREAK through Guild Wars as well as being on the top of the Leaderboards. While Leaderboards will reward the top players in RavenQuest, we will also have weekly Leaderboards for top players of that week to earn $SUNBREAK.

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