Professions in RavenQuest are non-combat tasks you can complete to obtain materials for creating and upgrading various Items for your adventures. From upgrading your house, creating powerful new equipment, or modifying your ship to faster cross the seas, the lands' bounties are ripe to help your journey. Professions are split into gathering and crafting professions. Gathering professions such as husbandry and mining generate resources, while crafting professions transform raw materials into processed ones, such as consumables and equipment.

Put your thumbs to more peaceful use and show their green potential by growing crops. These valuable raw, natural ingredients serve a multitude of purposes across multiple recipes from armors to delectable meals.

Meat is back on the menu! Grow your livestock and small game so you may harvest food for recipes, fertilizer for your crops, and other products to aid your armor and weapon crafting. Husbandry is a versatile aid to most aspects of the game.

There are dozens of different Crops, Animals, Trees and more that you can grow on your Estate, each with its own varying grow time, yields and purposes.

Your land can be cultivated to reap exactly the produce you wish to grow, and the decision of what animals you want to take care of is entirely up to you.

Armed with your rod and tackle, conquer the aquatic ecosystem by catching seafood. Whether you're looking to sell your catch for profit or just something to snack on during your quests, fishing can be a relaxing way to spend your spare time.

Explore deep into the mines of RavenQuest with your pick to discover shiny gems and metals! Some of the hardest, heaviest items in the game start with a swing of your pick and a heavy pack filled with raw materials.

While adventuring through the forest, swing your axe for a different means - gathering wood. Many of the world's most important missions will begin with timber falling to the ground. Tradepacks, houses, boats, and more will be yours.

Take your Moas a step further by learning how to select the best traits from each of them and ensuring those are passed on to their offspring. Breed and raise the fastest Moa in all of RavenQuest or maybe seek out those rare feather hues that will make all the other breeders turn green with envy.

Becoming a master of the metallurgic arts is what it's all about with blacksmithing. With a swing of your smithing hammer, you can refine ingots, craft weaponry and heavy armors, fishing tackle, and more. Let your dwarven spirit guide you.

Bring your tree logs into the carpentry stations to turn rough wood into planks and create wonders. Aid your housing and naval builds, craft flexible rods to fish, and bows and staves for battle.

Refine raw leathers, cottons, and furs into finely tanned leathers, luxurious bolts of cloth, and spools of threads. Lighter armors are all crafted at these stations, allowing a more versatile combat experience.

In the kitchens of RavenQuest, become a culinary tactician. Use your raw food products to cook up hearty meals to give you and your fellow adventurers powerful buffs and full bellies.

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