A Content Rich Game

In RavenQuest, the world is yours to conquer! Claim a plot of land anywhere to build your own house & farm, collect RavenCards to further customize your unique character, gather resources to craft powerful weapons and battle other players in a truly open-world experience.

RavenQuest's gameplay was designed to promote as much player freedom as possible, leaving it up to you, the player, to evolve your character and choose how you wish to earn. Will you be a trader? An adventurer that travels the world to uncover it's mysteries? A landowner focused on selling goods and collecting taxes? Or will you be an ocean pirate, letting others do the hard work for you to plunder?

RavenQuest is & forever will be completely Free to Play. Within minutes anyone can create a character, play solo or with friends, and create their legacy in RavenQuest.

While we will share some of the most fundamental elements in this Whitepaper, it is only a drop in the bucket of how much content and depth RavenQuest has to offer.

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