Depth of Character Customization

One of, if not the most core principle in our game design, is endless customization. In RavenQuest there is no fixed class system.

The players will not select a class when they create their characters, locking them into a rigid and uncreative path for the rest of the adventure. Instead of that, the game offers a customizable and endless build system: the Archetypes!

All players will have 3 different Archetypes at one time, each one with 18 exclusive and unique spells they can use to fight creatures or other players โ€” the combination between those 3 will define their class. There are 8 Archetypes available in RavenQuest, allowing the player to choose between 56 different classes:

Archery: Ranged combat & possibility to outpace opponents with speed and vision.

The players who choose it will be able to shoot arrows and use skills at their enemies from a safe distance. If the enemies get too close, Archery has disengage skills that will make them slow down or even freeze them, giving the player time to move away again.

  • Role: Damage

  • Type of Damage: Ranged, Physical

  • Characteristic: Area of Effect Damage, Burst Damage, Control

Wizardry โ€” Harness the power of Ice and Fire to call upon powerful spells to deal damage.

Users of this Archetype can adopt a more damage oriented build, with Fire skills, burning their enemies, stunning them, or even creating giant fireballs that rain from the sky, or impairing their enemies with Ice skills that can slow or even freeze their foes. With a high level Wizardry, the player can follow both paths and be a master of the Arcane forces, changing the tide of the battle.

  • Role: Damage

  • Type of Damage: Ranged, Magical

  • Characteristic: Area of Effect Damage, Burst Damage, Control

Warfare โ€” Brute force combat & possibility to heal themselves with spilled lifeblood.

Orcs and Barbarians are rather fond of this Archetype. Using brutal force, its Skills allow its users to keep themselves alive in the battlefield with several self-healing abilities and tons of mobility, using their bloodlust and hatred to empower them and becoming stronger as their life goes down.

  • Role: Damage

  • Type of Damage: Melee, Physical

  • Characteristic: Self Healing, Area of Effect Damage, Mobility

Protection โ€” Focuses on defending their allies and bashing in the skulls of their enemies.

The preferred Archetype of the Ravenguard. Users of Protection are those who defend their allies and bash the skull of their enemies. Their morale in battle is a powerful force, affecting both friends and foe alike.

  • Role: Tank

  • Type of Damage: Melee, Physical

  • Characteristic: Damage Mitigation, Party Buffs, Self Healing

Holy โ€” Focuses on keeping its user and their allies alive on the field of battle.

Holy is the primary healing Archetype in Ravendawn, and its Skill Tree has several abilities to keep allies always alive on the battlefield. Furthermore, Holy can also surprise when it comes to damage, if users of this Archetype know how to channel the Holy Force.

  • Role: Support

  • Type of Damage: Ranged, Magical

  • Characteristic: Healing, Buffing, Single Target Damage

Shadow โ€” Uses toxins to weaken the enemies and extinguish their lives without being seen.

Shadow makes use of toxins and deception to weaken their enemies, extinguishing their lives with daggers, with fast movements and impairing effects, killing an unaware foe becomes an easy task. While other Archetypes shine in the battlefield, shadow users rather defeat their opponents in the darkness.

  • Role: Damage

  • Type of Damage: Melee Physical

  • Characteristic: Burst Damage, Venom, Mobility

Spiritual โ€” Protect the allies, hastening their movements and refreshing their stores of mana.

Creating barriers of wind to protect allies, hastening their movements and refreshing their Mana. This is how Spiritual is imposed on the battlefield, and the players that choose to summon these forces to aid their allies are invaluable to any team.

  • Role: Support/Damage

  • Type of Damage: Ranged Magical

  • Characteristic: Healing Over Time, Shields, Buffing

Witchcraft โ€” Mix occult powers + the ability to gain strength from the weaknesses of others.

This Archetypeโ€™s main focus is to exploit its enemy weakness, imposing curses, removing defenses, cutting healing effects and other impairing effects, while their damage is not high, it is an unreplaceable ally that provides a lot of advantages in combat.

  • Role: Damage/Support

  • Type of Damage: Ranged Magical

  • Characteristic: Damage over Time, Debuffer, Control

Everyone can check all the classes combinations here: Archetype Classes.

Archetypes can be changed using Gold at anytime, creating a dynamic and customizable system. But there are many other ways to customize your character โ€” Ravencards combinations, Spells combinations, Equipment combinations and Reputation path will all further change the playstyle from the chosen Archetypes!

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