Depth of Character Customization
One of, if not the most core principle in our game design, is endless customization. In RavenQuest there is no fixed class system.
The players will not select a class when they create their characters, locking them into a rigid and uncreative path for the rest of the adventure. Instead of that, the game offers a customizable and endless build system: the Archetypes!
All players will have 3 different Archetypes at one time, each one with 18 exclusive and unique spells they can use to fight creatures or other players — the combination between those 3 will define their class. There are 8 Archetypes available in RavenQuest, allowing the player to choose between 56 different classes:
  • Archery — Ranged combat & possibility to outpace opponents with speed and vision.
  • Wizardry — Harness the power of Ice and Fire to call upon powerful spells to deal damage.
  • Warfare — Brute force combat & possibility to heal themselves with spilled lifeblood.
  • Protection — Focuses on defending their allies and bashing in the skulls of their enemies.
  • Holy — Focuses on keeping its user and their allies alive on the field of battle.
  • Shadow — Uses toxins to weaken the enemies and extinguish their lives without being seen.
  • Spiritual — Protect the allies, hastening their movements and refreshing their stores of mana.
  • Witchcraft — Mix occult powers + the ability to gain strength from the weaknesses of others.
Everyone can check all the classes combinations here: Archetype Classes.
Archetypes can be changed using Gold at anytime, creating a dynamic and customizable system. But there are many other ways to customize your character — Ravencards combinations, Spells combinations, Equipment combinations and Reputation path will all further change the playstyle from the chosen Archetypes!