Ships & Wagons

Play & Earn NFTs

There are several ways to get around in the world of RavenQuest. However, if you need to carry Tradepacks, there are two means of transportation that can help you get to the Tradeposts faster, as well as carrying additional tradepacks, allowing you to make more trips and Gold in a certain period of time.


One of our team's core beliefs is that there should never be a simple right and wrong way to play an MMORPG. Everything comes at a cost in the world of Ravendawn. Ships are no different. You can make the biggest, baddest, largest ship the Ravendawn Oceans have ever seen, rivaled by few in head on head combat! However, this will severely limit your ship's ability to fish and carry trade goods, two important ways ships help you generate income.

Ship components are fully interchangable, allowing you to build the ship of your dreams from the hull, cabin, sails & accessories.

All ship components will also be able to be minted as NFT's and sold/purchased on the marketplace!


Wagons, like ships, provide a wide variety of options, some faster with less carrying potential, some slow but with the ability to carry half a dozen Tradepacks at once. While wagons have a more strict purpose of transporting tradepacks compared to ships, they also allow the option of minting for NFT's and selling/purchasing on the Marketplace!

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