The Team

A Team that is not afraid to show themselves and stand behind their game.

RavenQuest is a Tavernlight Games title. The TG team is, first and foremost, passionate about game development. We started our journey out in Open Source game development in 2014, building another pixel based project, but since 2017 we have dedicated the majority of our studio to the Ravendawn universe.

Albeit a young studio of just 8 years, we have an exceptionally knowledgeable and innovative team of 50 behind Tavernlight Games & RavenQuest. With developers rich in both game development & blockchain development alike, a passionate & talented art team and strong world design team, we have the dream and the goal of creating amazing player & immersive-centered games — RavenQuest is the result of this synergy as a team.

In an increasingly mysterious industry (Crypto Gaming), our team is proud to present themselves behind our titles with our full names as well as real photos. We are building our legacy behind RavenQuest & Ravendawn Online, we don't need to hide.


Advisors are fundamental in developing a high-quality project with a long-term vision. We have built a strong and experienced team of advisors behind RavenQuest. Each advisor brings a key skillset to aid in accelerating progress and strengthening the long-term vision and success of RavenQuest.

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