Estates (Land)

RavenQuest features a fully open world, non-instanced playing housing system. Claim your land virtually anywhere — in the middle of a dense forest, along the ocean’s sandy coast, even on top of a desolate mountain.

RavenQuest is Free to Play, which means that having a property is not mandatory to login and start adventuring. However, estates are one of the best ways to generate Silver Coins and with that, $SUNBREAK.

After claiming a plot of land, players can engage in dozens of different land activities such as Farming, Husbandry, Woodcutting, allowing them to collect resources that can be used in Crafting or creating Tradepacks.

By being a Land Owner in RavenQuest you will also benefit by earning a share of 50% of all Ecosystem Rewards in RavenQuest.

The Farming & Husbandry represents a significant part of how resources are collected in-game, and in addition to that, Estates also offer the possibility to build a House, a Stronghold or a Fort (depending on what kind of estate the player owns) in the world of RavenQuest.

Landowners will be able to build houses on their lands, and it's up to them to choose the house design — there are many design options and house variations for players to choose from.

The house size and capabilities is based on the land size, this also determines how many rooms the player can have in their house. For example, Large Estate owners will be able to build Large Houses, which allows them to place up to 4 rooms.

Rooms allow for further customization of your house, not only with cosmetics, but also the type of rooms you decide to add to your house. Each room type provides it's own unique in-game advantages such as a Bedroom providing additional experience, an Armory providing benefits when Blacksmithing, or a Workshop allowing you to maximize your Carpentry potential.

  • Bedroom — Gain additional experience from all sources.

  • Kitchen — Additional labor when cooking

  • Armory — Additional labor when blacksmithing

  • Workshop — Additional labor when carpenting

  • Weaving — Additional labor when weaving

The number of Open World Estates are extremely limited, they can only be obtained through a fixed supply Land Sale or afterwards Peer to Peer on a Marketplace. There are 5 sizes of Land — Small, Medium, Large, Stronghold and Fort. The size of the land determines the size of the house that can be built and how many animals, trees and vegetables can be placed on the Estate.

Unlike Community Land, those using an Estate are not required to use any Effort. Additionally, Estate owners will receive 50% of all $SUNBREAK used to obtain Effort Potions.

  • Sized 10x10 (100 Tiles)

  • Discord Title: Pilgrim

  • Production Tiles: 59

  • Tradepack Priming: 1

  • Small Player House — Up to 2 Tier 2 rooms

  • Earn 50% of all Play & Earn Ecosystem Rewards based on Production Tiles

  • Sized 12x12 (144 Tiles)

  • Discord Title: Pioneer

  • Production Tiles: 376

  • Tradepack Priming: 5

  • Medium Player House — Up to 3 medium rooms

  • Beta Key: 1 Key

  • Earn 50% of all Play & Earn Ecosystem Rewards based on Production Tiles

  • Sized 15x15 (225 Tiles)

  • Discord Title: Baron

  • Production Tiles: 2,310

  • Tradepack Priming: 25

  • Large Player House — Up to 4 large rooms

  • Alpha Key: 1 Key

  • Earn 50% of all Play & Earn Ecosystem Rewards based on Production Tiles

  • Sized 22x22 (484 Tiles)

  • Discord Title: Noble

  • Production Tiles: 14,400

  • Tradepack Priming: 125

  • Stronghold Construction — Perks for up to 5 members

  • Alpha Keys: 5 Keys

  • Earn 50% of all Play & Earn Ecosystem Rewards based on Production Tiles

  • Sized 30x30 (900 Tiles)

  • Discord Title: Duke

  • Production Tiles: 75,000

  • Tradepack Priming: 500

  • Castle Construct — Perks for up to 10 members

  • Alpha Keys: 20 Keys

  • Earn 50% of all Play & Earn Ecosystem Rewards based on Production Tiles

Unable to be as active as you would like, but have Land available? In Patch 1.1.0 all Estate Holders will be able to rent out (scholarship) their land to other players, receiving $SUNBREAK in exchange for the usage of their land.

The ability to rent your land for a certain period of time is designed to bring a solution for those players who want to utilize Open World Land but do not have their own plot of land, and for landowners who do not have the time required to cultivate their own land and maximize it's potential.

As a landowner, you will be able to determine the amount of time and the price of the rental for it's usage.

As a player who wants to rent an estate, you will be able to easily view available land for rent, it's locations, size, and rental price, allowing you to find the perfect piece of land to increase your earning potential from!

Choosing a location for your Land!

Landowners will be able to choose their preferred location for their land based on a first-come first-server basis in the order that Land was obtained in the Land Sales.

While choosing a location for your land may feel daunting, due to our self-balancing Tradepost algorithms in RavenQuest, this concern is not needed! No region will be a dead spot as an investment, and all $SUNBREAK generation from Ecosystem rewards are split globally amongst Land Owners.

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