Ravencards are collectible NFT cards players can obtain by purchasing packs using $SBT. These packs gives 5 random cards with random rarities. Higher rarity cards provide additional strength for the character, so they will be highly sought after.
Each Ravencard has its own effect, interfering with the player's strength and promoting more ways to customize and create unique builds. The variation of Ravencards' effects is countless, which can range from restoring Mana/HP and increasing the Attack Power to spawning creatures that helps in battle!
While we have a very deep character customization system with Archetypes, Weapon choices & Reputation paths, this is yet another way you can diversify your character from another, being strongly relevant for those players who intend to focus on a Player vs Player gameplay.
Ravencards are designed to enhance the characters, and are not part of a card game.

How do Ravencards work?

Ravencards are split into two types: Spell Cards and Passive Cards, both having different and unique effects that will interfere and improve the character's gameplay.
Spell Cards
Every Spell you have unlocked on your character (based on the Archetypes) can equip a single Spell Card, further modifying that spell. Anytime you use this spell, the Ravencard effect attached to it will also occur, giving your character additional battle advantages.
Passive Cards
All players have 5 Passive Card Slots for their characters, unlocked as they progress through the game. Differently from Spell Cards, the Passive ones you equip are always active for your character, not only on spell use.


The wide variety of additional effects assigned to the character is not all. When opening card packs, players can find 7 different types of rarities, currently represented by a gem at the top of the card. Cards can be Basic, Grand, Rare, Arcane, Heroic, Mythic and Legendary, but the rarity is not responsible for changing the effect itself. Rather, it changes its intensity, which means Legendary cards have higher effect percentage in comparison to all other rarities, for example.
Depending on the focus, having Ravencards with high rarities and knowing how to choose which card to equip can be essential for many aspects of the gameplay — mainly in PvP Tournaments with Token rewards.