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NFTs & Scholarships
The vastness of Ravendawn’s landscape means you can build virtually anywhere — in the middle of a dense forest, along the ocean’s sandy coast, even on top of a desolate mountain. With real-world house and farm-building, all you have to do is claim a plot of land and let your imagination run wild.
RavenQuest is Free to Play, which means that having a property is not mandatory. However, estates are one of the best ways to generate Gold Coins and Sunbreak Tokens. By claiming a plot of land, the player can engage in activities such as Farming, Husbandry, Woodcutting and many others, allowing them to collect resources from time to time that can be used to craft the Tradepacks.

Farming & Husbandry

The Tradepack System represents how the majority of Gold is generated in the world and they are, essentially, a set of resources put together. Some of the resources can be obtained through world exploration, but landowners don't need to spend time looking for a good part of them, since they can take advantage of the Farming & Husbandry System!
There is over 24 different types of crops to grow, each with its own varying grow time, yields and purposes, and also 7 different animals to take care of:
  • Hares — Provide spool of hair & meat
  • Chickens — Provide eggs & meat
  • Pigs — Provide leather & meat
  • Goats Provide milk, meat & leather
  • Turkeys Provide feathers & meat
  • Sheeps — Provide wool & meat
  • Cows — Provide milk & meat
Your land can be cultivated to reap exactly the produce you wish to grow, and the decision of what animals you want to take care of is entirely up to you.


The Farming & Husbandry represents a significant part of how resources are collected in-game, and in addition to that, Estates also offer the possibility to build a House, a Stronghold or a Fort (depending on what kind of estate the player owns) in the world of RavenQuest.
Landowners will be able to build houses on their lands, and it's up to them to choose the house design — there is a lot of design options and house variations for players to choose from. House Design templates can be obtained in various ways throughout Ravendawn, including during certain stories and hidden quests, as well as purchasing with Gold Coins.
The house size comes with the land size, and also determines how many rooms the player can place in it. Large Estate owners will be able to build Large Player Houses, which allows them to place up to X rooms, for example.
There are 5 different possible rooms to place, and each one provides its own advantages in-game:
  • Bedroom — Ability to teleport home (with cooldown)
  • Kitchen — Cooking bonuses
  • Armory — Blacksmith bonuses
  • Workshop — Carpentry bonuses
  • Weaving — Weaving bonuses

How plots of lands can be obtained?

The number of lands are limited, and they can be obtained through a fixed supply Land Sale or with a certain amount of $SBT on the Marketplace. There are 5 sizes of land available for purchase — Small, Medium, Large, Stronghold and Fort. The size of the land determines the size of the house that can be built and how many animals, trees and vegetables can be placed in it. Larger lands have more available space to place elements, which means the amount of resources obtained daily will also be higher.
Additionally, size also influences the amount of $SBT the owner receives through the interaction between Estates and Tradeposts.

Small Estate

  • Sized 10x10 (100 Tiles)
  • Discord Title: Pilgrim
  • Production Tiles: 59
  • Tradepack Priming: 1
  • Small Player House — Up to 2 small rooms
  • Earn 50% of all Play & Earn Currency based on Production Tiles
Medium Estate
  • Sized 12x12 (144 Tiles)
  • Discord Title: Pioneer
  • Production Tiles: 376
  • Tradepack Priming: 5
  • Stamina & Durability Recharging: 1
  • Medium Player House — Up to 3 medium rooms
  • Beta Key: 1 Key
  • Earn 50% of all Play & Earn Currency based on Production Tiles
Large Estate
  • Sized 15x15 (225 Tiles)
  • Discord Title: Baron
  • Production Tiles: 2,310
  • Tradepack Priming: 25
  • Stamina & Durability Recharging: 5
  • Large Player House — Up to 4 large rooms
  • Alpha Key: 1 Key
  • Earn 50% of all Play & Earn Currency based on Production Tiles
  • Sized 22x22 (484 Tiles)
  • Discord Title: Noble
  • Production Tiles: 14,400
  • Tradepack Priming: 125
  • Stamina & Durability Recharging: 25
  • Stronghold Construction — Perks for up to 5 members
  • Alpha Keys: 5 Keys
  • Earn 50% of all Play & Earn Currency based on Production Tiles
  • Sized 30x30 (900 Tiles)
  • Discord Title: Duke
  • Production Tiles: 75,000
  • Tradepack Priming: 500
  • Stamina & Durability Recharging: 100
  • Castle Construct — Perks for up to 10 members
  • Alpha Keys: 20 Keys
  • Earn 50% of all Play & Earn Currency based on Production Tiles

Estates and Tradeposts

Each Region of RavenQuest's world has a Tradepost — where Tradepacks can be created and sold. Every time a player sells a Tradepack, all landowners will receive a bonus 50% of the Gold obtained by the Tradepack seller, split amongst them, without interfering with the amount this player will receive. This is how players and investors can obtain $SBT simply by having an estate.

Renting your Land (Scholarships)

Looking to strictly invest in RavenQuest, and not actively play but still want to maximize your lands potential? Imagine the possibility of renting your land to another player for a certain period of time, receiving Gold for it and not having to worry about the land activities. In RavenQuest, this is a reality.
The ability to rent your land for a certain period of time is designed to bring a solution for those players who want to play as a farmer but don't have a plot of land yet and for those landowners who don't have the time required to grow their own seeds or take care of their animals to maximize their estates profit.
As a landowner, you will be able to determine the amount of time and the price of the rental, depending on a maximum and minimum, automatically calculated by the system, and all resources collected during this time remain with the tenant — with the exception of the revenues from the Tradeposts, which remains with you.
As a player who wants to rent an estate, you can check the available lands, its configurations and prices anytime in-game, and you can calculate which one has the highest profit potential!