Invest & Earn

Not interested in playing RavenQuest, but still interested in earning Sunbreak Tokens that can be exchanged for FIAT currency?
RavenQuest offers strong investment opportunities for those that wish to still partake in the profits the Ravendawn World has to offer.
The World of RavenQuest is filled with fixed housing properties, also called Estates. By owning an Estate, you will earn Tokens based on all Tradepacks exchanged in your estates region. Tradepacks are the primary currency generation method in Ravendawn and the core economy cornerstone of the game.
There are 3 different sizes of estates available, as well as Strongholds and Castles. Each receiving a different share of the regions Tradepack income based on their size. Castles & Strongholds command a larger portion of those profits.
While choosing which region may be daunting, due to our self-balancing algorithms in RavenQuest, this concern is not needed! No region will be a dead spot as an investment, and all will see similarly strong $SBT Generation for estate owners. This is unlike many other current estate/land game sales, where a majority of property will be a near valueless investment based on player hubs that are not accounted for by developers. What this means is you can rest easy knowing no matter where you buy your land, it will provide value for you while you sleep!
Invest in your estate, sit back and count your profits as the world evolves and prospers!