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Free to Earn

Play RavenQuest for Free!
While many NFT games require a monetary investment to start playing, RavenQuest is & forever will be completely Free to Play. Everyone can create a character, play, have fun & earn!
Building a strong and large community is essential to a great MMORPG, and having a completely Free-to-Play model is one of our cornerstones to achieving that. It's important that anyone is able to earn some amount of Tokens when playing RavenQuest.

Earning Sunbreak Tokens

Virtually any In-Game activity will offer some amount of Gold Coins to the player. There is no monotony in how the players earn these coins — they can choose the activity that most entertains them and can alternate between several different activities as well.
It is very important to our team that we have a strong In-Game reward pool, and that virtually any activity you partake in will reward you with not only character progression, but earn you Tokens!
Gold Coins can be exchanged for our Blockchain Token (Sunbreak Token - $SBT).
Ways to Earn Gold (for Sunbreak Tokens / Cash):
  • Tradepacks
  • Estates
  • Mounts & Breeding
  • Player vs Environment Combat
  • Player vs Player Combat
  • Story Quests
  • Dynamic Quests
  • Environment Quests
  • Crafting Weapons, Armors & More!
  • NPC Mini-Games
  • World Puzzles & Hidden Treasures
  • & So Much More!